painfullyunaware asked: Hello Emily! (: I love all your looks, it's nice to see how dedicated you are. Anyway, just a quick question -- do you know any company that sells good eyeliner for super cheap, but it comes in different colors? I use elf, but at least where I shop, they only sell black or gold. But I love your looks with the purple eyeliner, and the red.. all of them! Thank you so much. Also, enjoy your weekend!

Hello! I appreciate that so much! Thank you! :’)

I’m not sure if you wanted recommendations for liquid or pencil liners, so I’ll give you both!

NYX has a great selection of fun colored pencil liners ranging from $3.50 - $8.00. Liquid liners in bright colors are a little harder to find. I remember I used to be obsessed with Wet n Wild’s MegaLiner in high school since the colors were so fun and it was only around $3! Also, Milani has their Ultrafine Liquid Liner that comes in five shades, but only three are colored.

Hope you find this helpful! Have a lovely weekend!