Eye Color-

Hi, pals!

Almost every time I look in my message box, I have new questions asking what color eye makeup would compliment their eye color best, so I’m here to tell you in one simple, little post!

Blue or Gray Eyes: bronze, copper, peach, pink, purple, silver
Brown Eyes: green, purple, gold, blue, dark bronze
Green Eyes: yellow, gold, purple, burgundy, maroon
Hazel Eyes: gold, bronze, green, warm browns
Black Eyes: everything!

Tip for all eye colors: Using shadows darker than your eye color will create a contrast, helping your eyes to “pop”!

BUT, like most rules, these can be broken! ;) Try out different colors and shades to find what works best for you! As you can see by my blog, I like to wear everything, whether it’s complimentary or not! :)