What is your name?

Did you go to makeup school?
No, but I did attend and graduate from cosmetology school. 

Do you have to have a license to be a professional makeup artist?

What color eye shadow would look best with my eye color?
Blue Eyes: bronze, copper, peach, pink, purple, silver
Brown Eyes: green, purple, gold, blue, dark bronze
Green Eyes: yellow, gold, purple, burgundy, maroon
Hazel Eyes: gold, bronze, green, warm browns
Black Eyes: everything!

Tip for all eye colors: Using shadows darker than your eye color will create a contrast, helping your eyes to “pop”!

BUT, like most rules, these can be broken! ;) Try out different colors and shades to find what works best for you! As you can see by my blog, I like to wear everything, whether it’s complimentary or not! :)

How can I get my liner to stop smudging?

You could try a waterproof formula, or apply an eyeshadow the same color as the liner on top to set it!

What is your favorite eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, etc.?

My favorites are constantly changing, as I’m always looking to try new products!

Why haven’t you answered my question yet?
Sorry! I’ve been getting so many questions on here and it’s been hard answering them all without flooding everyones’ dashboards! It’s much easier for me to communicate back on my ask.fm! Plus, I answer EVERYTHING over there! :D

Follow back?
Since makeup-madness is a side-blog, I can’t follow back under that username. Sorry!

Where else can I find you?
E-mail: makeupmadness16@yahoo.com
Facebook: facebook.com/emilymadness
Instagram: hysteric_
Ask.fm: askmakeupmadness